Еразъм проект министерство на бъдещето обучава участниците във важни теми като циклична икономика, рециклиране и по ефикасно използване на ресурси, прави то като използва неформално обучение като създаване на проекти в групи и видеа което помага на участниците да навлязат в темата много по ефикасно отколкото стандартна лекция би била.

Erasmus+ Training Course hosted by FPT Buzau in Romania, held from May 20th to May 29th. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Sarata Monteoru and Buzau, this year’s theme was “Ministry for the Future.”

The course aimed to equip youth workers with innovative strategies to develop a circular economy and promote sustainability. The natural beauty of Sarata Monteoru added an extra layer of enrichment to the experience.

A personal highlight was exploring storytelling and acting and the intergalactic nights where all of us shared our culture, traditions, foods and dances.

We also had the unique experience of attending the Slow Food Festival in Buzau, which was a delightful immersion into local culinary traditions. Additionally, we visited the UNESCO heritage site, the Muddy Volcanoes

Overall, the training course was an amazing blend of professional development and personal growth.

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