1. Резултатите ни удовлеворяват

Final event Гърция Diabetes 101 – The important final event was organized in Greece on 12-13 of October, featuring the participation of the entire partnership as well as a group of local, national, and international stakeholders. During this event, all aspects of the project and its outcomes were presented and shared. It served as an opportunity for everyone to come together and exchange the project’s findings. This event also provided visibility for the work that had been undertaken to a global audience. Notably, it was especially significant for young people with Diabetes, as it allowed their voices to be heard. All project participants shared their experiences in the field. All the target groups presented were relevant for this activity because the project’s success provided an additional incentive for them. This activity estimated the project’s effectiveness, thus generating reliable data for presentation and future activities. This is how all target groups were able to utilize the public report that was created to acquire knowledge, information, and motivation to further advance the inclusion of youngsters with Diabetes. The activity resulted in completed interviews and surveys with participants from the target groups, national reports on the project’s success, and a consortium report designed for broader public use.

2. Обучение за младежки работници в Солун и Козани

Тренинг по проект Diabetes 101 по програма Еразъм+ – 9-12 май 2023 в Козани, Гърция. This activity served as one of the central components of the project, and it had a direct connection to the overall project outcomes. It significantly enhanced the knowledge and skills of our youth workers, enabling them to execute subsequent project activities with a high level of quality and proficiency. The primary expected result was that youth workers became competent to conduct youth testing and campaigns in the subsequent months. All of them acquired the same skills, competencies, and expertise. Furthermore, the result of that activity was the proposal for the Diabetes 101 handbook. The direct target groups included fifteen (15) youth workers (10 from Bulgaria, 5 from Greece) engaged in youth testing and four (4) youth workers responsible for leading an awareness campaign. The indirect target group consisted of 20-30 youngsters. Additionally, two experts (trainers) participated in the activity, offering guidance to the participants based on their expertise and the Diabetes 101 Handbook. Започваме обучението от проекта Diabetes 101 в Козани, Гърция, 9-12 май 2023. Training activity, of the project Diabetes 101. Participants and staff from all organizations were directly involved in activities and became familiar with content of all materials and tools and shared insights. This was crucial because it would play an essential role in the upcoming awareness-raising activities within the next phase of the project and the overall dissemination efforts. Hellas for Us organized a demonstration training in a High School in Kozani and gathered 20-30 young people who completed a self-evaluation form, which served as the initial step in identifying Diabetes. During the training activity, youth workers gained hands-on experience in: – Interacting with youth with diabetes – Understanding potential risks in local activities or international mobility – Methods of intervention in case of emergencies (e.g., checking blood sugar levels and administering insulin to regulate glucose levels when necessary) – Developing a set of safe activities for youth with diabetes, while monitoring indicators such as extreme sweating, headaches, lack of concentration, confusion (signs of low sugar), and feeling thirsty or tired (signs of high blood sugar) – Creating a safe and inclusive environment for participation and interaction with other young people – Reducing the fear of stigma that young people with diabetes might encounter if they reveal their condition to their peers.

3. Срещата в 1ва гимназия в Козани по време на тренинга по проект Diabetes 101 по програма Еразъм+ – 9-12 май 2023 в Козани, Гърция.

4. Първа среща по проекта Diabetes 101

Стартираме проект Diabetes 101 по програма Еразъм+ в София с откриваща среща по проекта. В началото на май отиваме в Солун. A physical kick-off meeting among partners and other relevant stakeholders took place. The project’s executive plan was introduced. The whole project was clarified step by step. Working plans were discussed and accepted by all the partners. Expected deliverables were described (as well as the methods to be put in place). Assumptions were laid out, project organizational requirements and standards were defined. Expenditure methods and financial reporting conditions were outlined.This was a core activity aimed at sharing all strategic and operative aspects of the project. We organized working sessions with partners’ personnel staff. During this meeting all the participants agreed on a working plan, and identified the main tools for exchanging information. The Host Partner organized an event to launch the project. This also marked the beginning of the awareness-raising campaign and represented an opportunity to invite relevant stakeholders to the project’s activities and objectives. To ensure the highest dissemination of the project in the partnering contexts, the partner from Bulgaria (DiP) organized a local kick-off event to promote the objectives of the action. All relevant stakeholders participated to guarantee the highest involvement and commitment.